Plum’s® Fall Protection Products for Your Safety, Health and Wellness

Mortality in the first year after a hip fracture

Of survivors will be unable to walk independently

Will require assistance in day to day living activities

A fall can change your life in a matter of seconds. Fall-related injuries such as head trauma, hip fractures, and extremity injuries are becoming epidemic. While falls cannot be prevented, fall-related injuries can and have been prevented with Plum’s® Award-Winning Falls Safety Wear™.  For over 24 years Plum’s®  Fall Protection Products have empowered individuals to enjoy safe, active lifestyles with ProtectaCap® and  ProtectaCap+Plus® Advanced, Custom-Fitting Protective Helmets,   ProtectaHip®  Original, Award-Winning Hip Protectors, and ProtectaWrap®     Adaptable Protective Splints for Knees, Elbow, Shins and Forearms.   Don’t let your age, health condition or fear of falling prevent you from enjoying a safe, active lifestyle. Put Plum’s®  Award-Winning Fall Protection Products to work to keep you safe, comfortable and active.

Put the Odds in Your Favor with Plum’s® Award Winning Falls Safety Wear

Plum’s® ProtectaCap® Custom-Fitting Head Protection

Plum’s® ProtectaCap® is one of the safest and most comfortable head helmets, which is prescribed by leading neurosurgeons for various health conditions such as epilepsy, autism, or Parkinson’s. Thanks to its cotton blend encasement, soft, yet sturdy construction and steady placement on the head, ProtectaCap® is a great gift for anyone who needs comfortable, lightweight head protection. Even after multiple shocks, the helmet does not crack.  Plum’s® ProtectaCap® is easy care wash and dry.

Plum’s® ProtectaCap+Plus® Advanced Fall Protection Helmet

Plum’s® ProtectaCap+Plus® is a state-of-the-art fall protection helmet that has been featured on CBS and has received myriads of positive feedback. The praise comes thanks to its patented staged-deceleration of impact energy and dependable construction. The helmet is also ready to be equipped with Plum’s® ProtectaChin® and Face guards, as well as with extra Plus Pocket® Covers. Simple wearing the ProtectaCap+Plus® reduces the stress of movement and, what’s more important, increases the safety of those it protects.

Head Fall Protection

Plum’s® ProtectaHip® Fall Protection Hip Protectors

Plum’s® ProtectaHip® is the best example of your best friend when you fear hip fractures, because in its 20 year history, there hasn’t been one case of a hip fracture among those who wear it.  ProtectaHip® hip protectors come in various  styles, but all have two things in common – meticulous design and superb protection. Whether you are looking for an undergarment, shorts, or pants, Plum® ProtectaHip® has a style to suit everyone.

Hip Fall Protection

Plum’s® ProtectaWrap®  Fall Protection Extremity Guards

Plum’s® ProtectaWrap® provides fall protection for knees, elbows, shins, or forearms injured by falls or impacts into fixtures and furniture. Everyone knows the pain that comes with this accident, but for some, these bruises can be very painful, dangerous and debilitating.  That is why ProtectaWrap® makes sure that they are protected and without having to trade comfort for protection. Plum’s® ProtectaWrap® ensures customized full range of motion and is even suitable to be worn during night.

Extremity Fall Protection

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